Tricky People, Tricky Conversations

3 hours

Find the right two word at the right moment. Manage difficult exchange as smoothly as possible.



Conversations are an inevitable part of working life.  And when we get them right, we improve relationships to drive our performance.  But sometimes these conversations are challenging.  Perhaps we find that they don’t always go the way we want them to; or maybe we find the person a bit tricky; or it might simply be that we don’t know the other person very well and find it challenging to make a connection.

This session will support you in finding the right words at the right moment.  And will help you manage the exchange as smoothly as possible, giving you the confidence to turn your tricky conversations into Powerful Conversations.  Key area covered include

  • How to pay attention and really listen
  • How developing empathy will help the situation
  • Diagnosing what someone’s motivation might be and how we can adapt our style to influence them
  • What ‘stress’ behaviour can look and sound like and how this might be playing a role
  • Developing assertive language to communicate our message
  • Reviewing the Emotional Bank Account